Madison Montessori


A portion of each day is given to the children to work independently or in small groups at his or her chosen task. During this working time children are also receiving lessons from the teachers.  The remainder of the time is for group activities such as singing, sharing, and listening to stories; and weather permitting for outdoor play.

Teachers will guide children who need suggestions or help, but the observing child is also respected.

Children choose activities from the following areas:


The Practical Life or Daily Living area is intended to help the 3 to 6 year olds care for themselves independently and be responsible for maintaining their environment. The children enjoy the activities and at the same time are building their motor skills, coordination, and concentration.


Sensory-Motor Education aids in the development and refinement of the child's senses.



The Language materials include pre-reading activities and games, and phonic instruction for reading and writing.

The Math activities, as with all Montessori materials, involve the use of hands-on rather than abstract materials to develop a genuine understanding of concepts.

The Cultural areas include Geography, Botany, Science and History.

Much of the emphasis is on language development through an introduction to the correct terminology for the things in the children's environment.

The children are encouraged to develop their innate creative potential by being exposed to a wide variety of Art and Craft materials.

Music, Creative Movement, and Spanish are also offered.

Learning about fractions

Summer Enrichment

We offer a Summer Enrichment Program that runs through the month of June.  Enrollment in the Summer Enrichment Program is offered to families enrolled for the current year; then it is opened to new families enrolled for the coming school year; and finally, space-permitting, it is opened to the public.

Please contact the Office of Admissions for more details on the Summer Enrichment Program.