Madison Montessori

What Makes Us Special?

This is what our parents and children say...

The school has been our extended family for the past two years going on three. I love the devotion to the children and their whole beings. You embrace the children with love and they want to learn all you have to offer - thanks so much.

...Molly Cornell, Madison

The Montessori School of Madison provides a caring and nurturing environment in which my daughter has thrived. It allows her the freedom and independence to choose certain areas of interest, a respect for others and their work while creating a truly hands-on learning experience...the staff have far exceeded my expectations in a preschool.

...Donadio, Guilford

There are all kinds of friends there!

...Katie, age 5

The school's teachers are tremendously devoted to the students and the Montessori method and materials. Their commitment to facilitating the development of life-long learners is steadfast. It is a joy to witness their enthusiasm for their work.

...Rebecca, Killingworth

The staff, the school environment, and the very nature of Montessori teaching have given our children the freedom to embrace and rejoice in their innate desire to discover! The peace-of-mind that this school brings to us is priceless!!!

...Donna Clark, Killingworth


Montessori education is a process or a puzzle - you learn one piece at a time and continue to build on each piece.

...James, age 10


We are thrilled with our daughter's teachers. They very quickly learned her strengths likes and dislikes and have individualized their approach to her, always focusing on her strengths. Our daughter has become quite independent and confident with her skills. She is eager to try new tasks and stay with them until they are mastered. We can not be happier with our decision to send our daughter to this wonderful school!.

...Melissa Shaw, Guilford


There are so many special things about The Montessori School of Madison.  I have sent both my sons there and I am so glad that I chose this school.  They offer a supportive, nurturing atmosphere, where children are taught respect and community.  Academically, the lessons are true Montessori - "hands on" and engaging activities that stimulate children.  I can see the growth in my children - academically, socially and emotionally - which I know will help them as they go off to First Grade.  And most importantly, my children have learned to LOVE learning and school - lessons they will carry with them throughout their academic lives.


...Karen, Madison



Montessori is like family.  The teachers love and teach our son so many amazing lessons.  The Montessori School is such a wonderful experience for my family.  We believe our son is getting the best foundation for his academic future.





We have only been at Montessori for a month, but since we began, we already see our daughter's confidence growing.  She feels confident and proud of her "big girl school," and she talks about her teachers all the time now.  She's also starting to display new knowledge that she picked up through school, and while originally she was a bit nervous about going, she is now as happy as can be.  In fact, she skips into the classroom now.  We are so happy we have chosen Montessori.


...Lori Schroeder



I love Madison Montessori!  It exhumes its years of experience in every aspect; from the children to the business.  I have been a Montessori parent for 13 years and have seen the method pay off through elementary, middle and now high school.  The curiosity to discover, and the desire to know more creates a great love of learning that they can not get anywhere else.  Also, the school environment being in a home setting along with the warm, loving teachers, comforts any parent.  Couple the Montessori method with the loving staff and you have a recipe for a wonderful early learning experience.


...Crystal Bailey-Loffredo, Branford